Patita Feia

"Assim como falham as palavras quando querem exprimir qualquer pensamento, assim falham os pensamentos quando querem exprimir qualquer realidade." - F.P.

sexta-feira, junho 29, 2007


3/2/2007 [ back ]

"One more for you . . . perhaps some of you have had enough of the Scandinavian chatter . . . really . . . get on with it already! Okay, okay . . . so next up is the site of the first stop on the "Sick of the Studio '07" tour . . .Lisbon, Portugal on June 28th at Super Bock Super Rock, as we attempt to spread more summer 'Tallica love throughout Europe. This show also kicks off a very cool festival that lasts for four days . . . you can get a ticket for one day or a pass for all four (see all the details below). It's only the fifth time we'll be checking out Lisbon, so we're pretty psyched to be heading back.
Opening acts for Lisbon: Joe Satriani, Stone Sour, Mastodon, plus local openers.

There are still a couple more shows in pencil on the itinerary for our little European outing . . . we promise to post them here just as soon as they get confirmed. One at a time."